Executive Board

Ayesha Bhasin
Executive Producer

Contact Ayesha at: executiveproducer@aggietv.org

Tania Josephine
Production Coordinator

Contact Tania at:

Joesph Wu
Technical Director

Kristi Juwono
Executive Assistant

Contact Kristi at:

Miguel Bagsit
News Director

Sabrina Sanchez
Assistant News Director

Nikka Magahis
Entertainment Director

Riley Applewhite
Sports Director

Tristan Bannister
Sports Director

Jack Hudnall
Creative Director

Viv Nguyen
Social Media Director

Ellie Michel
Aggie NOW Social Media Director

Anjelica Ambrosini
Social Media Creative Director

Interested in joining?

If you’d like to be a part of our exec board, please contact us at executiveproducer@aggietv.org.